Herb Garden Seeds
Putting together our Herb Garden Seeds selection has been a work of taste.  Everyone loves to grow fresh garden herbs, and there are so many varieties available.  If there are particular herb garden seeds that you don't see, please do not be afraid to let us know.  Our seed suppliers love what we do, and have almost any seed available that anyone could want.  Please keep in mind that every new seed variety we add to our store and catalog, means that much less room in our packaging room.  So much so, that herbs have taken a back burner to our more popular vegetable and flower garden varieties.  If you are an herb seed lover like I am, be sure to see our Ultimate Herb Garden Seed kit, which contains over 1900 fresh herb seeds in 12 varieties, for approximately 17% Off the regular price.  There is nothing better than going out to your garden and picking fresh herbs to use for cooking.