About Us

You may want to print this page if you haven't the time to read my small novella here and now.
Many people have asked me: "Dave, why do we need another place to buy our Garden seeds from?" In short, you probably don't, if you are happy with the status quo of all of the other seed companies. As long as you don't mind being a number and buying yesterday's seeds at today's prices, you're fine. However, if you really want to purchase the freshest garden seeds, in great resealable packaging so you can save or share the rest, we're here for you. Not only do we keep our prices super low, but just check out our seed per pack quantities. Our seeds are not packed by machines, but by people who really care about making sure that you are getting a high Quality product. No, we don't hand count them, that would be foolish. A pack of catchfly has approximately 1500 seeds. Do you need that many? I should hope not, but our standardized measuring system won't allow us to give you less. Hence the ziplock style packaging, because these pretty flowers you'll want to share.
DollarSeed became a registered business in the fall of 2009. The whole economy was taking a dump, and everything was up in the air of how things would go. So in April of 2009, I decided to do my part to bring happiness to people. I created the Marigolds Across America campaign, and gave away over 10,000 free packages of seeds. Then it dawned on me, there are many other seeds that people would like or need. No, I do not just give them away for free anymore, just for the asking. But I do still give away an aweful lot of free seeds to help feed the needy and teach children sustainable gardening.
The first group we were approached by, was LotsToPlots (a/k/a Green Racine) in Wisconsin. This was just two normal guys who really wanted to make a difference in there poor neighborhood. The local groceries all closed up, so all that was left to shop were drug stores and convenient marts. Neither of which sell anything fresh other than bread. I listened to their grand scheme, and thought, why not? Why am I doing this anyway? I have a real full time job making baking soda (been there going on 25 years now, thank you), and I surely didn't buy all of these seeds for me to plant (I'd need 10,000 acres)....lol. So I contacted Mr. Clingman and asked for their shipping address. I get nothing but praise from these two great people now. I didn't just send them a few seeds of this and that. I sent Herb seeds to grow to help raise the money needed to move their plan forward, and regular seeds for when they got there. It cost me a fair amount of money, but the pride of helping two so unselfish people is worth every dime I may have spent. I am sure that their whole community appreciates these efforts of our little group.
That is why I even started this business, was to help others. Help them save money. Help them feed their friends and family. Help them with a small smile each time they look at their garden, knowing that it is their fruits of labor, and no one else can take that away. After all, there is nothing that tastes better than anything you can step out your door, and pick fresh out of the garden. So above all else, DollarSeed is about helping others.
Green Racine is just one example, and I could go on forever on all of the other initiatives we've taken to help duplicate that across the US to help feed our needy. Instead, I will just say Thank You once again to all of our customers of 2010 to present, without you these efforts would not be possible.
Okay, enough of that. I am sure that some of you coming here, have already been to our original store, and wondering why I made such drastic changes. That is a very simple answer that was very difficult for me to answer for far too long. We needed to move forward and offer mobile shopping. We needed to be able to eliminate steps for tracking orders and inventory. And, we needed to be able to add alternatives to PayPal. Our turn around time has been awesome to date, and most orders ship within 24 hours of receiving payment. Personally, I never really liked the layout of our old store. It felt like walking down narrow alleyways, and empty. The new store is like walking into a WalMart Super Center. Huge aisles, and lots of new products. Naturally all of this added convenience comes at a price, but who cares. I'm not in this to get rich.

Please let me personally thank you for not just reading this page to the end, but for giving my business a chance to not just help you, but others all over the USA. Enjoy
David Moffitt / Owner