Vegetable Garden Seeds
Our Vegetable Garden Seeds section, is among one of our favorites.  For years we grew vegetable seeds in our garden for market, and vegetable seeds are the main reason for starting our online seed store.  It wasn't bad enough that we only got a few vegetable seeds in each packet, but the packets were not made to be resealed, causing the seeds that were left over to go bad quicker.  Our garden beds covered a large portion of our property, and we were spending hundreds of dollars in restocking our supply each year.  With this dilemma in mind, we knew we could do better by giving more vegetable seeds per package, and using resealable zip-lock packaging, and still sell them for less than we were paying for ours.  Hence DollarSeed was born out of the desire to help other gardeners save money, produce more vegetables for their money, and have the best garden seed stock available.  A good vegetable garden can feed a community, and with fresh seeds, you will have a larger harvest.