Become a reseller

We are now making it super easy for people to be able to raise money to support their Groups, Schools, Organizations and Clubs.  Now you can resell our garden Seeds. Since we offer custom labeling of our Seeds, we can make our product look like it is just yours.  We can duplicate your full color logo, and replace ours with yours, at no extra cost.  This way your customers will know who they bought their Seeds from.  We will even go so far as to omit our own information, so that your customers will not learn about who packaged your seeds for you.  This has many advantages, but the most important one, is that you can charge your customers what you feel is a fair price and reap the profits while reselling our garden seeds.

If reselling our garden seeds sounds like just the kind of opportunity you have been seeking, please use the Wholesale button located at the top to fill out our simple form.  For small one time groups not selling our seeds in large quantities, you can email me directly using the contact page, or use the Live Chat button.