Seed Quantity Guide

I have been asked by many people, how do I come up with the number of seeds per package.  It would be easier to just say that is how many I would want to plant of each, though that is not really true.  For the larger seeds, the counts represent the number of seeds the average family would want to grow of that particular variety.  However, as the seeds get smaller in size, the number counts rise significantly.  The reason for this, is my own design of a standardized measuring system.  The scoops only go down to a certain size.  The whole packaging process is based on the KISS system, meaning Keep It Simple Stupid.  By adapting KISS into the seed room, I can train anyone to package my seeds in as little as 20 minutes.  Unfortunately, the whole business can not be so easy to run, but hey, that's why I love doing what I do.

There are a few exceptions where I am the only person who can package certain varieties.  Spearmint is a really good example.  The seeds are super small, 5,000 is less than an eighth of a teaspoon, and the costs are pretty high.  In order to not lose money on these seeds, I package them personally.  That and I can not imagine anyone wanting to plant more than the 50 seeds that come in each package.

Please remember when referring to the seed counts, these are all approximated based on the average counts of 10 packages at any given time.