Frequently Asked Questions

When will you ship my seed order?
As a general rule, we try to ship all orders within 24 hours. There may be times that it may take as much as 3 to 5 days to ship during the heavy early season planting times, but we have trained help on hand to carry the extra load.
What are your shipping charges?
We charge $3.00 for 1-15 packages of seed. And our highest fee is just $5.00, regardless of how many packages of seed you order at one time. We'll pay the difference! All orders above $75.00 are shipped for Free!
You offer custom labeling?
Yes, because we like to be able to support fund raising efforts for schools and groups, we can custom design our labels to support your cause. Our minimum requirement is that you have to order seeds in multiples of 10, which is how many labels come to each sheet. We can not afford to toss the unwanted ones, and still be able to offer such a great number of seeds at such a low cost. Best yet, is that we do not charge any extra fees for this service, so it is also a great way to say"Merry Christmas", "Happy New Year", or even "Happy Birthday" to your friends and family.
How can you afford to sell so many seeds for just $1.00/Pkg.?
We buy all of our seeds in major bulk sized packages, then break them down into sizes that most consumers (home gardeners) can use. Our seed counts are based on our own specific measuring facilities. We decide how many seeds are the right amount for a package, then weigh that amount. Then we grab a certified measuring spoon and see which one meets the needs to maximize that count and become a standard. All of our seed counts are approximate, but it would be impossible to verify each package, so we chose to err on the side of the consumer. Many times, our stated counts are far less than the actual seeds we include in the package.
What if there are way too many seeds for my growing area?
This is the reason why we opted for resealable zip-lock style packaging. This makes it easy to share your extras with friends and family, or store them for next year's use.
How long are seeds normally good for?
If seeds are kept dry, cool, and out of direct sunlight, they normally are viable for about 3 years. Some are viable for as many as 5 years or more. Survival packs are sold on the Internet stating they are good for up to 20 years, but we believe that is a claim that has not been substantiated. Most seeds start dying off, so the germination rates drop with each year they age. Our own Survival kites will last for 10+ years if kept sealed in the original packaging and kept frozen.

What do I do with all of the money I make?
First and foremost is that I have to save funding aside to replace all of the seed stock each new growing season, which begins on August 15th. At that time, we begin packaging for the following year. I also try to set some aside to buy new seed bins for new varieties. Throughout the year, a lot of the proceeds are used to send seeds to pantry growers to help feed the needy. At the end of the growing year, we send our left over seed stock to Outreach Programs that help teach school aged children sustainable farming methods. And one must not forget that we spend a ton of money on advertising to get our name out into the public.  Tell your friends and family about us, and help promote a worthy cause.

How often are new varieties added?
That all depends on the amount of sales we make. On average there is a new variety added every month or so.

Is there a way that I can contact you in regards to an order I recently placed?
There are many ways that I can be contacted. The best way is thru the Live Chat feature here on this site. If I am not online, I will get your questions by email. You can also contact me personally by