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Thanks for the great deal on my sprout seeds, can't wait to get them started.We love the resealable bags. I will be back for more seeds in spring.
C.Brenner 12/15/2010

Hi, I received my order of seed and it went pretty smoothly. I like the little bags you use and theres lots of seed and they look fresh and healthy.
D. Ruzic 11/14/2010

Hi, I made an order through this company and was impressed by how short a time I got my order today is the 23rd of march and I have gotten another package for the same order so I've gotten two orders for the price of one I think someone made a mistake on your end please email me back if wanting me to do a return to sender or to keep the product I am going to be telling people about this company and my satisfaction thank you Aaron Kent 03/23/2011 Yes Aaron, our mistake is your gain.

Noripigu wrote:
"thanks Dave for the seed. small business are hard to trust in the beginning, but i hope my good reviews about your website and customer service will give people more trust into your business. Get more asian herbs if you can!!" 04/05/2011

Thanks so much for your site. I wouldn't be able to afford to plant a garden without you. Plus, you give so many seeds in a pack that I have been able to share with friends who wouldn't otherwise have gardens. It makes me so happy to see them smiling about their veggies and flowers.
D. Aldridge 12/10/2015