Custom Printed T-Shirts
Many people have commented on us providing some custom T-Shirts to purchase, to help support our Seed Business, and everything we do to help communities.  Many people may not know this, but since we got moved into the new SeedHouse in January, the unoccupied space left behind was so I could have a formal office space. That dream did not last even a week.  I have a few YouTube mentors, whom I have been working very closely with, so that we could start screen printing our own packaging in house.  The old seed room, is now my Office/Screen Printing Shop, and is too small to contain all of the new things coming in daily to support this side venture.  We have an older building on site, that is in poor condition.  I original was going to tear that building down, and build a bigger brand new one to house the seed business, and other hobby/business needs.  I still see that as a very important  option, but not for the seeds, since it is in it's own brand new building.  But rather my tinker spot, where I can set up the whole screen printing side of things, and more. Our T-Shirts are now ready to be mass produced, right here in my office.  I decided to start with just one design for now, because I am by no means a graphic artist, though I do know many that are, who love love to do work for me. At present, due to the shortage of needed storage space, we will be offering these new shits in just 4 color varieties: White, Neutral, Mint Green, and Hot Pink. And with 4 different sizes of Unisex t-shirts: Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large. Check them out, I think you'll love my first in house design called Dirty Hands.
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