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Curled Cress

Curled Cress
Whether grown indoors for sandwiches and salads, or in the garden for summer greens and garnishes, cress adds a distinctive peppery taste to a wide range of culinary dishes.
Often called Garden, Common or Pepper Cress, it is the kind often grown as part of Mustard and cress. Ridiculously quick and easy to grow, home grown cress has particularly good flavor which is infinitely superior than shop bought. Unfortunately its reputation has been tarnished in recent years by shops selling the bland tasting Rape in place of cress.

Cress grows quickly and is just as easy to grow in containers indoors on the windowsill as in the garden. Cress can be grown on cotton wool or kitchen towel, it makes a fun and easy project for children to help them learn how plants grow. Remember when you were a child - one egg shell, filled with cotton wool and bingo! - mustard and cress is yours within a few days.

'Curled Leaf' Cress has all the attributes of the plain leaf variety but with a slightly smaller, more serrated leaf pattern and a slightly more delicate flavor to give variation and texture to a salad.
It is one salad ingredient you can be sure of harvesting all year round, adding flavor to salads, sandwiches and omelets. You only need water, a little warmth, and light, and this stuff will grow pretty much anywhere. You don't even need a garden. Approx. 110 Seeds/Pkg.

Lettuce Gourmet Mix
Lettuce Gourmet Mix
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