Arugula Slow Bolt
Carrot Rainbow Blend
Bee Feed Flower Mix
Pepper Hungarian Sweet Yellow
Beet Detroit Gold
Onion Yellow Granex (Vidalia)
Pepper California Wonder Sweet
Cucumber Boston Pickling
Carrot Chantenay Red Core
Radish Easter Egg Blend
Cilantro Slow Bolt
Broccoli Raab
Cauliflower Self Blanch
Brussel Sprouts
Beet Chiogga
Basil Italian Large Leaf
Vera Lavendar
Onion Southport Red Globe
Lettuce Gourmet Mix
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This is where we will be putting items that we have available that aren't exactly Seeds, but definitely garden and or Seed related.


3" x 5" 2 mil Zip Lock Bags w/ Hole
Price $4.20
SAVE 16%
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3 x 5 2 mil Zip Lock Bags w/ Hole

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Bulk 3" x 5" 2 mil Zip Lock Bag Case
Price $16.76
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Bulk 3 x 5 2 mil Zip Lock Bag Case

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