Carrot Rainbow Blend
3 Sisters Garden Pack
Watermelon Sugar Baby
Lettuce Gourmet Mix
Swiss Chard Rainbow Blend
Onion Southport Red Globe
Squash Pink Banana Jumbo
Red Coneflower
Eggplant Black Beauty
Parsley Italian Flat Leaf
Basil Lemon
Broccoli Waltham 29
Basil Cinnamon
Organic Broccoli Calabrese
Beet Detroit Dark Red
Pea Early Frosty
Lemon Balm
Pea Super Sugar Snap
Approx. 350 Seeds/Pkg.

Companion Flower Collection

Companion Flower Collection
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Companion Planting with flowers is such a wonderful way to help your vegetable garden. Not only do you help deter bad bugs, but you can attract beneficial insects and add beauty to your vegetable garden. The strong scent of Marigold helps deter bugs. Zinnias and Nasturtiums attract the bugs, making them leave your precious vegetables alone. Sunflowers add beauty and help strengthen corn as well as attract bees to your garden. I found zinnias near the beans attracted all the Japanese beetles, leaving my beans to thrive. A quick trip through the garden to pluck off all the Japanese beetles from the zinnias, and I had beautiful flowers and healthy beans.

Each collection includes a packet of each of the following:

Crackerjack Marigold
Liliput Zinnia
Zumila Zinnia
Jewel Mix Nasturtium
Grey Striped Mammoth Sunflower

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